RedLine 2.1.0 very printer-friendly and more

There are lot of improvements since version 2.0 of RedLine theme. The most interesting feature in this release is the print-friendly layout, it does not affect how the content looks like on the monitor, it only helps your content to be printed correctly. Although the theme had some basic print CSS from the begging in version 2.1.0 it was improved significantly.

Following new languages were added:

If you want to make a translation, read this post RedLine theme has multilingual interface or fork it from GitHub

Link for DOWNLOAD at WordPress repository:

Changes in version 2.1.0 (may 2012)

  • Added Romanian translation
  • Removed custom favicon from package
  • Made the theme very printer-friendly
  • Sanitized output of home_url
  • Removed search box from header
  • JavsScript files are not minified, for better human readability
  • Some CSS changes
  • Other minor improvements

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