RedLine theme has a multilingual interface

One of the major improvements in the new version of my theme Redline is internationalization, so that it can easily be translated without editing the code of each file. For that purpose I made a folder lang in main directory where you can find all available translations and source file with original phrases.

How to make a translation

  1. Open the lang folder and find the redline.pot file.
  2. Open the .POT with program like poEdit
  3. Make your translation and save it as a .PO file. Give it a proper name with country code xx_XX (example: en_US.po)
  4. poEdit usually creates automatically .po and .mo files at the same time. Make sure .mo is created. (if it doesn’t – change the settings of poEdit)
  5. Put the so created (example: file into the lang folder
  6. That’s all. You’ve done it! :woot:

Note: The file „.mo“ is the real localization file, but if you want to change/edit the translation use the .po file, so don’t delete it.

If you want to make other people happy, share your translation and it will be distributed with RedLine package. Just send me an email at: With .po and .mo files, describe what is the language and provide some info about you (name, email, website, etc.) in order to include you in the theme description as a contributor.
As the theme is distributed under the GNU GPL, you need to know that your translation will be distributed in the same way too.

Available languages so far

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  1. 08.01.2010 - 16:05 | Връзка

    Поздрави, перфектно си го направил 🙂

  2. 25.01.2010 - 12:04 | Връзка

    Следя развитието на темата, и много се кефя, че полагаш усилия да изпипаш нещата както трябва.. Пожелавам ти успех!
    .-= Васил Даков´s last blog ..Бойко Борисов и финансовата криза =-.

  3. Showbiz Notes's Gravatar Showbiz Notes
    08.06.2010 - 19:20 | Връзка

    nice themes i like this themes

  4. Val Davion's Gravatar Val Davion
    05.11.2010 - 0:57 | Връзка

    thank you, this information certainly made it easier for me with a writing theme for my school class at UofM

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